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SHOTS #901 - 971

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971. ASIAN INSPIRED BOW FRONT DRESSER   (Dewayne Baker)  12/30/21
A collaboration of solid curly maple, waterfall bubinga veneer and wenge accents.

969. KEEPSAKE BOXES    (Dewayne Baker)  6/19/17
Wenge and figured maple accentuate clean lines.

969. Wall Thingy    (Rob Lee)  6/19/17
A cherry media center that hides clutter and fits today's electronics.

968. TWIN DRESSERS FOR TWIN DAUGHTERS    (Dewayne Baker)  6/19/17
Bent lamination pulls ease opening drawers.

967. MILL DRILL    (Alan Young)  7/19/16
Adding a depth stop required a few modifications.

966. ONE MAN'S TRASH...    (Gene Mendes)  1/14/16
Restoring a 60-year-old band saw had its challenges.

965. SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL    (Paul Blackwell)  11/2/15
This poker table is a cut above.

964. SYCAMORE BOWL WITH LID    (Roger Erickson)  3/22/15
This turned and carved bowl is the "cat's meow".

963. A TALL ORDER    (Jack Guzman)  10/12/14
This new altar demanded my finest work.

962. MAPLE QUEEN    (Bryan Cowing)  9/9/13
Build a warm budget-minded four-poster.

961. BARRY’S BOX    (Jim Shaver)  7/25/13
Symbolic details celebrate the life of a departed friend.

960. GRACEFUL LEGS    (Ken Culley)  5/12/13
Queen Anne curves hold a special appeal for this woodworker.

959. MOBILE SAW CABINET    (Ken Gartin)  12/28/12
Flip-down legs allow mobility or stability when needed.

958. ROCKING DONATION    (Bernie Simmons)  12/27/12
This hobbyist woodworker is helping others through his work.

957. DREAM SHOP IN THE WORKS    (Brent Nichols)  6/18/12
A photo essay.

956. WALL MOUNTED GUN RACK    (Doug Ridley)  6/18/12
A temporary home for firearms and ammo.

955. COCOBOLO BEAUTIES    (Brad Sears)  5/14/12
Turning out artful and useful work.

954. COMFORTABLE SEATING    (John McAlevey)  4/30/12
This master woodworker continues to learn and enhance skills.

953. DOWNWARD MOVEMENT    (Paul Blackwell)  4/30/12
Moving and fitting into a downsized work space took some planning.

952. MAGNETIC ATTRACTION    (Earl Sheppard)  4/30/12
It's crafted from 520-year-old curly maple.

951. TABLING DUST    (Roger Lance)  4/30/12
A good idea for minimizing dust in the workshop.

950. POSH PLACE FOR PORT    (Steven Odut)  11/27/11
Construction is put on hold several times before final completion.

949. WEDDING BOX    (Jerry Syfert)  7/31/11
Undulating laminations atop beautiful burl veneer is an invitation for the eye.

948. COCOBOLO VASE    (Aurèle Delaurier)  7/31/11
The all-wood flower tops off the beauty below.

947. VERSITILE STORAGE    (Robert Clough)  7/31/11
This hall seat's usage will grow with its user.

946. WHALE OF A TALE    (Aurèle Delaurier)  7/31/11
This tail was a real fluke!

945. RORSCHACH FOR WOOD    (Gary McGrath)  6/28/11
Bookmatching reveals some interesting animal outlines.

944. ROCKERS AND MORE    (Bernie Simmons)  6/28/11
The demand for cradles along with several projects for the home make for a busy schedule.

943. BUDDY CART    (Carol Reed)  6/28/11
The inspiration for organization began with a visit to my hairdresser.

942. AMBROSIA MAPLE CHEST    (Sal Zaffuto)  6/28/11
Finally completed, this project began over five years ago.

941. ARTICULATED JOY    (Lee Brubaker)  6/28/11
One of many more toys that will end up bringing joy this Christmas.

940. ULTIMATE WORKBENCH    (Greg Brunk)  6/28/11
A heavy non-racking bench with plenty of tool storage and vices makes this my ultimate workbench.

939. A WOODWORKER'S SEND OFF    (Mike Donaldson)  6/7/11
Dan Donaldson's sons fulfill their dad's last wishes.

938. GAME OF KINGS    (George Dart)  1/15/11
Chess is ten times the fun with this family.

937. HAIRY PAWS    (Ken Culley)  11/28/10
At 81 years of age, carving’s challenges still drives this man.

936. IN NEED OF UPGRADE    (Scott Burr)  11/21/10
Greene and Greene inspired this new home for electronics.

935. RED OAK SIDEBOARD    (John Pappas)  11/21/10
Attention to grain orientation makes this a beauty.

934. CORING WITH BILL    (Ellis Walentine)  10/6/10
Bill Grumbine shows how he cores bowls on the lathe.

933. IWF 2010 RECAP     (Ellis Walentine)  10/6/10
Still the top show in the US.

932. PIECES OF EIGHT    (Fred Davis of NM)  9/6/10
Looks like a nice place to make a wish.

931. PHILLY LOWBOY    (David Worrell)  9/6/10
This mahogany classic took shape at a two-week class.

930. CANON BALL FLOWERBED    (Fred Davis of NM)  7/18/10
It's sort of a New Mexico thing.

929. BEVEL CUTTING    (Richard Erickson)  7/18/10
Some call it segmented work with a Southwestern influence.

928. UNIQUE LAMINATIONS    (Jerry Syfert)  7/18/10
Jazzing up an oak table and lazy susan adds another dimension.

927. WALNUT LECTERN    (Paul Blackwell)  7/18/10
This is a fine tribute for an admired educator.

926. DANTESQUE CHAIR    (Fred Davis)  7/18/10
Keeping an earlier promise, it's finally built.

925. CHERRY DISPLAY CASE    (Douglas Recko)  4/18/10
The successful outcome was not obtained without challenge.

924. A REAL DUZZIE    (Paul Blackwell)  4/18/10
This vintage Duisenberg was built almost entirely from scratch.

923. FANCY ROCKERS    (Bernie Simmons)  4/18/10
Ornamental turnings and book-matching skills add a nice touch.

922. TUFFET FOR MS MUFFET    (George Beardsley)  1/31/10
A nice project for some misfit lumber.

921. SISTER TABLES    (Bryan Ayala)  1/8/10
These two shop-built workstations create much-needed workspace.

920. VANITY WITH A VIEW    (Richard McComas)  1/8/10
This classic styled cherry vanity is sure to please.

919. RIDDLE ME THAT    (Aurèle Delaurier)  1/8/10
Solve the new riddle to open the secret drawer.

918. FUNCTIONAL SPLENDOR    (Joanne Adler)  1/8/10
Any musician would love this thoughtful gift.

917. GOT JIGS?    (Mike Delfuoco)  1/8/10
Shop made jigs are the ticket for repetitive accuracy.

916. TRIPLICATE TREASURES    (Mike Delfuoco)  11/15/09
These desks are built to last.

915. TIMELY SLANT    (Harold Washburn)  11/15/09
The perfect workspace for a pair of growing boys.

914. SUITE CHERRY    (George Dart)  11/8/09
This masterful work took almost two years.

913. MOVE OVER MULTI-ROUTER    (Roland Folse)  7/20/09
This shop-built mortising machine offers affordable accuracy.

912. TIMBER FRAME TABLE    (Jan Derr)  7/20/09
It's the joinery that holds this beauty together.

911. FRESH START    (Rod Rentz)  7/20/09
Heart pine cabinetry sets off this remodeled kitchen.

910. MAHOGANY MONSTER    (David Frame Jr.)  7/20/09
The Nakashima influence is evident in this beautiful table.

909. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR    (Chuck Lenz)  5/17/09
Here's a portable air filtration unit you can build at home.

908. ROCKING ROCKY    (Ken Culley)  4/13/09
The arrival of our first grandchild inspired this project.

907. START AND STAY SQUARE    (Paul Andrus)  4/13/09
No matter the craft, one rule remains the same.

906. STARTING OVER    (Harold Washburn)  4/5/09
This woodworker found it necessary to take his skills in a new direction.

905. HARD, HEAVY, AND HANDY    (Dave Haynes)  4/5/09
Building your own workbench should encompass your needs.

904. MOLESWORTH-STYLE SIDEBOARD    (David Richardson)  3/29/09
This cypress beauty brings a "Cowboy" flavor to the South.

903. SHAPING A CLASSIC    (Ken Culley)  3/29/09
Lovely mahogany and graceful carving make this a winner.

902. PORRINGER CORNER TABLE    (Greg Brunk)  3/29/09
The elegant but useful answer to a need for a small table.

901. ANY GRANDPA WOULD BE PROUD    (Peter Huisman)  3/29/09
To salvage or not to salvage is the question.

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