Paul's New Basement Shop
Moving and fitting into a downsized work space took some planning.

SHOP OWNER: Paul Blackwell
Newark, NY

    In September of 2011 we moved to a new house about twenty miles West of Newark to the town of Macedon. I had reached the age where mowing 3.5 acres of lawn and doing all the other work associated with owning and maintaining the property had gotten to be too much. My previous shop was a 24 x 40 heated and insulated pole barn, and it was necessary to downsize a bit since everything had to be carried down the stairs to the new basement.
    We partitioned off about 650 sq. ft. of the basement to create the shop. I then put up stud walls, installed a sub panel, wired up about 18 outlets, put in ten fluorescent fixtures and a separate 220v line for the dust collector. The wall covering is 3/8" Smartside panels, which is basically an OSB board with a sprayed on primer coat and a wood grained finish. I painted it a warm tan color. This shot shows my 12" Dewalt sliding compound miter saw with stand. The stand was a Christmas gift from my wife.
Paul's New Basement Shop
    The floors are finished with concrete sealer. I sold my twin canister 3hp Jet dust collector, my 8" jointer, 12" Parks planer and some smaller tools. To replace them, I bought a new 1 1/2 hp cyclone dust collector, 6" jointer with a spiral head with carbide inserts and a combination disk/belt sander. The jointer cuts smoothly and provides a beautiful finish.
Paul's New Basement Shop
    This is a view of the main shop area looking in from the entrance door. Pictured are the table saw, lathe, router table, oscillating spindle sander, band saw, and Performax drum sander. I mounted a display of some antique tools to the support beam above.
Paul's New Basement Shop
    This corner is where I have my router table and router bit cabinet, along with my lathe and turning tools.
Paul's New Basement Shop
    This is my new combination disk/belt sander that sits next to my shop-made workbench. To the left of the sander is a down draft table.
Paul's New Basement Shop
    To the left of the entrance door is my drill press and drill accessories cabinet. I just finished putting together the shop and now Iím ready to build some drawer units to house and organize small tools.
. . . Paul Blackwell


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