Cocobolo Vase
The all-wood flower tops off the beauty below.

SHOP OWNER: Aurèle Delaurier
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Since I was in a vase-making mode, I decided to make one out of cocobolo for a friend. The vase’s shape was fairly easy to cut out at the band saw. Then came the sanding, oiling, and buffing with carnauba wax.
Cocobolo Vase
    The flower’s stem is a wooden skewer, the leaves are from cherry veneer, and the flower is made of Pau Amarello (or Yellowheart).
Cocobolo Vase
    Here’s a close-up of the vase showing the beauty of the cocobolo.
Cocobolo Vase
    This is a close-up of the flower. I started its basic shape on the lathe, and then finished it with small hand files.
. . . Aurèle Delaurier


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