Whale Vase
This tail was a real fluke!

SHOP OWNER: Aurčle Delaurier
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    I’d seen a photograph of a similar whale vase on the Internet. It was all white and also came in two individual pieces. The fact that the whale’s body was separate from its tail was what I thought was very clever. I have since found out that a whale’s tail is called a ‘fluke’.
Whale Vase
    The whale’s body and fluke are made from African Blackwood, which is dark brown to black in color with some lighter brown streaks.
Whale Vase
    The whale’s blowhole is where the flower’s stem is inserted. I tried to find an artificial flower that closely resembled spraying water with its white and blue colors.
Whale Vase
    This view is from above looking down on the whale. The African Blackwood was oiled and then buffed with carnauba wax.
Whale Vase
    Here’s a closer shot of the fluke. The shaping, filing, and sanding of the tail was all done by hand and took over four hours.
Whale Vase
    In this shot you see the underside of the acrylic base that I purchased at a local trophy store. I countersunk the mounting screws and then added some rubber bumpers for feet.
. . . Aurčle Delaurier


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