Rocking Cradle
The demand for cradles along with several projects for the home make for a busy schedule.

SHOP OWNER: Bernie Simmons
Birmingham, AL

    Since Shop Shots #703 and #923 I’ve been busy building a number of projects in my shop. My cradles seem to be a highly requested item. To that end, I’ve been cranking them out over the last year but still have a waiting list ahead.
Rocking Cradle
    I made this cherry cradle for another physician that I work with. After he bought one for his pretty surgical assistant that was having a baby, his wife said, “Oh, then you'll get one for each of my daughters, even though they are in their young teens”. That’s good business for me as she is now waiting for me to build two more!
Rocking Cradle
    I built this cherry and walnut cradle for the first child of my oldest son. It cost me a fortune to send it to Wyoming assembled but they really love it!
Rocking Cradle
    This one was for my youngest son, who just welcomed a new baby over six weeks ago. The red oak is stained with General Finishes Candlelite Gel Stain, and features walnut end panels with an inset white oak angel.
    I am up to number 14 on cradles now. I just about have it down pat; though I tend to change each one just a little so each person receiving one can say they have a one-of-a-kind.
    The sofa table came about when my wife came home and described one like she wanted. She said she wanted the legs to look like balls sitting on top of each other. So I glued up the cherry leg blanks and turned one on my big lathe to see what she thought. When presented with it she said, "perfect"!
    The table with the eagle is built in honor of Auburn University. With their chant of, “War Eagle”, and, Nova, the golden eagle flying in the stadium before home games, it’s a majestic tradition.
Eagle Inlay
    The double bevel marquetry eagle was done during private lessons with David Marks in his studio in California. Since the team is the Auburn Tigers, the table is constructed of goncalo alves or "tiger wood" and the eagle is inlaid into maple.
. . . Bernie Simmons


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