Fred's Wishing Well
Looks like a nice place to make a wish.

SHOP OWNER: Fred Davis
Broadview, NM

    Pieces of Eight was inspired by a desire to have an octagon-shaped wishing well. I think of it as a place where kids could make wishes, have hopes and dreams, and perhaps see them come true someday. My neighbor's two young daughters came over with their dad to help me put the roof on and then made wishes.
Fred's Wishing Well
    I made the bucket from scrap ends. The handle next to the bucket was made from part of the old cedar post that I used for the rope draw.
Fred's Wishing Well
    The roof for this well is painted the same color as an old copper penny. The wooden finial on top came from an old wooden lamp, which I cut half off and will use the dowel to help secure it to the roof.
Fred's Wishing Well
    The roof all put together and painted.
Fred's Wishing Well
    The rope draw comes from a fifty-plus-year-old cedar post found laying in my back yard. Itís just a beautiful piece of wood all cleaned up.
Fred's Wishing Well
    You can see the basket weave design inside the well in this shot of the base and cedar rope draw.
Fred's Wishing Well
    I attached some copper banding to the bucket. The collar for the wishing well is made of cedar, as well as all the trim.
Fred's Wishing Well
    Wishing well all trimmed out and landscaped in. Did you see the gold nugget?
Fred's Wishing Well
    Hereís a clue.
. . . Fred Davis of NM


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