Molly's Jewelry Box
Solve the new riddle to open the secret drawer.

SHOP OWNER: Aurčle Delaurier
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    You may have seen my 2005 submission entitled “Riddle Me This”, Shop Shot #723. I have since made this second jewelry box as a sequel to the first. It is entitled ‘Riddle Me That’ and was made for Molly who lives in British Columbia, Canada. Her mother saw my first one and requested one for their perfect little daughter. It’s always rewarding when one truly appreciates the effort involved.
Molly's Jewelry Box
    As with the first jewelry box, the secret to opening the small drawer involves solving a riddle. Since I wanted Molly’s jewelry box to be unique, I came up with a different riddle. Rolled up in a small brass canister shown here is this new riddle that reads:

Near the bow it’s a ‘hole’ lot clearer,

After you’ve looked behind the mirror.

When the pin drops you’re even nearer,

To treasures you hold so much dearer.
Molly's Jewelry Box
    The box itself is made from Purple Heart and finished with several coats of polyurethane. The little drawer is made from Navy Alowood. I recently discovered that Alowood is an organically hardened and colored wood, and is available in different colors. This photo also shows the pin (or key) that gets inserted into the ‘hole’ mentioned in the riddle.
Molly's Jewelry Box
    In this photo, the pin has been fully inserted into the keyhole. When the pin bottoms out, the drawer is ejected by means of a spring glued inside the jewelry box behind the drawer. The inside of the jewelry box, the secret compartment for the pin, as well as the interior of the drawer have all been lined with Suede-Tex. This suede-like material, made from rayon filament measuring 1/32 of an inch in length, is sprayed onto an adhesive-covered surface. Filaments are anchored upright to give a soft surface with an even nap. Although available in different colors, my wife thought that black Suede-Tex would complement the Purple Heart and Navy Alowood. Note that the shape of the drawer differs slightly from the earlier one.
Molly's Jewelry Box
    Shop Shot 723, mentioned earlier, provides further details (which I’ll intentionally omit in this explanation) on the fabrication, dimensions, and hardware used. This image, however, is a drawing that shows both a front view and side cross section of the jewelry box. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I hope this image is clear despite its small scale. But as long as Molly knows how to open the drawer, in the end that’s all that matters.
. . . Aurčle Delaurier


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