Mike's Adirondack Chairs
Shop made jigs are the ticket for repetitive accuracy.

SHOP OWNER: Mike Delfuoco
Roseville, MI

    I built some Adirondack chairs for some family members, sixteen of them! In order to make the job easier I built several jigs to make all the cuts. They saved me a lot of time, assured that all the pieces were the same, and made assembly a snap.
Mike's Adirondack Chair Jigs
    I started with the long leg that I made out of 5/4 by 6 cedar. The first cut, a 72 degree angle, was made on the tablesaw.
Mike's Adirondack Chair Jigs
    I then used three more jigs to make the rest of the cuts and finished by attaching a template that would guide a router and bottom bearing flush-trim bit on the curved part.
Mike's Adirondack Chair Jigs
    The front leg, also made out of 5/4 cedar, was cut to length using a jig to cut the angle.
Mike's Adirondack Chair Jigs
    The 5/4 armrests were also done with a template and a bottom bearing flush-trim router bit.
Mike's Adirondack Chair Jigs
    The backrests are three pieces of 1x8 cedar that where ripped to 6 -inches and router trimmed on one of the jigs. Then two boards where ripped to three inches wide, completing the backrests.
Mike's Adirondack Chair Jigs
    This large jig was used to assemble the seats. These jigs made building the chairs easy and is always the way to go when making multiples or for future builds.
. . . Mike Delfuoco


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