Roland's Horizontal Mortiser
This shop-built mortising machine offers affordable accuracy.

SHOP OWNER: Roland Folse

    Several years ago Bob Fox and I built a horizontal mortising machine. It was built in the shop with readily available materials at a cost of under $100. It performs very accurately and efficiently for joints using floating tenons.
Roland's Horizontal Mortiser
    The X-Y perpendicular tables are mounted on heavy-duty bottom-mount drawer glides. Calibrated right and left stops allow for table movement from side to side. Exact mortise size can be set, accounting for the router bit size.
Roland's Horizontal Mortiser
    The edge of the top table is mitered to securely hold a spring-loaded fence, which can be mounted either parallel or perpendicular to the router face. The fence is secured by the hold-downs, which are screwed to the top of the table.
Roland's Horizontal Mortiser
    The router face and bit can be raised or lowered by a screw. The power switch mounted on the side is easily accessible.
Roland's Horizontal Mortiser
    This machine has all the features of a commercial multi-router, but is shop built for a fraction of the cost. I use it regularly in furniture construction and am quite satisfied with its performance.
. . . Roland Folse


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