Paul Andrus
No matter the craft, one rule remains the same.

SHOP OWNER: Paul Andrus
Bristol, RI

    Iím a brand new woodworker. Although Iím 62, Iíve been a toolmaker and hub and die maker for forty years. The same rules Iíve worked by all along apply to woodworking; start and stay square!
Paul's Basement Shop
    Iím in the process of building my first project, which are kitchen cabinets. The face frames and doors will be cherry. Iíve already finished the carcasses and lazy Susan turntables. Iím about to stain and assemble them over the upcoming warmer months.
Paul's Basement Shop
    My main direction in woodworking would be in furniture making. Iím a huge fan of Norm Abram and The New Yankee Workshop.
Paul's Basement Shop
    As I have no garage, Iím setting up my shop in my basement. Woodworking has always been something I wanted to involve myself in when I got close to retirement, and that time is near.
Paul's Basement Shop
    Iíve read tons of online forums, and made my tool buying decisions split between my budget and reviews. So far, Iíve done ok. The central machine in my shop is a General International 10Ē tablesaw. For breaking down sheet goods, I purchased a Festool circular saw, aluminum guide, and vacuum.
Paul's Basement Shop
    A Grizzly 14Ē band saw takes care of my other sawing needs, and to dimension my own lumber I use a Powermatic 6Ē jointer along with a gently used Rigid planer I found.
Paul's Basement Shop
    Of the two routers I have, I use a smaller Porter Cable for hand routing and an Incra router table setup for my larger Porter Cable 3.5 HP.
Paul's Basement Shop
    To catch up with all the sawdust this equipment will be making, Iíve installed an Oneida V3000 vacuum system. Iím currently waiting for my shop layout thatís being done by Oneida. Iíll use the spiral pipe; no grounding necessary, and it looks better too.
. . . Paul Andrus


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