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3D Wooden Photos
3D Wooden Photos, Cabin signs, Custom Projects, Garden Signs, & Planter Signs
7 Corners Hardware
mail order tools and supplies
A & I Supply
Router tables, custom fences and T-track supplies
A Word On Woods
Resource for engineered wood products.
About.com Woodworking
Conversion and measurement charts
Adhesive Tech
Information about adhesives
Advanced Repair Technology
Information and products for wood restoration and repair
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
FAQ's for toxic substances
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co
Source for building your own airplane. Sells balsa and spruce.
Airware America
Source for safety equipment--hearing protection, and dust masks and respirators
American Fabric Filter Co.
Custom filter bags for dust collectors and other filtration needs.
American Science and Surplus
All kinds of science and surplus items
American Steel Span Buildings
Manufacture and distribution of pre-engineered, trussless, arch style steel buildings.
Ancient Greek Chairs
Info about ancient Greek chairs
Blacksmithing and metalworking site
Any Who
Telephone number search engine
Anything I can Do
Anything I Can Do is the internationally popular workshop show in which host Mag Ruffman laughingly creates beautiful but functional objects, proving that tool know- how, workshop skills and burgeoning self- esteem are within everyone's grasp.
Around the Shop
Pitch remover for cutting tools
Arrowsmiths Ltd.
Timber drying kilns and moisture meters
Artisan Barrels
Traditionally cooperaged kegs, oak casks, vats and wine barrels.
Atlas Billiards Supplies
Source for billiard table components and tools
Logging tools, supplies and clothing; first-aid kits.
Baker Products
Barry's Clipart Server
Loads of clipart.
Batteries America
Source for all kinds of batteries
Bears Wood Shop
Quilt racks and taxidermy panels.
Benchmark Woodworking
Technical information for woodworkers, about woodworking related projects, machines, and techniques.
Billiard Doorknobs
Doorknobs made from Billiard balls
Business tools and resources for wood professionals.
Laser guide for rotary saws
bob's bokkens
Martial arts training weapons
Boggs Tool Processing and File Sharpening
Sharpening for files and other small toothed tools
BrandNew Custom Branding Irons
Custom branding irons and old wagon plans
British Horological Society
Info on clocks. Also a page on electrolysis for rust removal.
Source for pesticides
Building Online
Builders search engine
Business Panning Solutions
Business plan solutions for startup and existing businesses
Carter Products
Carter bandsaw guides and more
Climb Cutting vs Chip-cutting
Article about climb cutting with a router.
Coastal Electric and Rewinding
Motors, rewinding, woodowrking tools
Woodburning tools, patterns and project supplies.
Common Wood Names
List of common wood names
Jewelry and metal working supplies. Polishing grits.
Convert it
conversions from almost anything to anything.
Copper and Brass Sales
Supplies of copper, brass, steel, aluminum
Custom-Pac Industries
Adhesives including urea resin
D.B. West Auctioneers
Online auctions
Darwin Awards Gene Pool Rejects
Dealers Electric Motor
Electric Motors
Defender Marine Outfitter
Boating supplies and information
Delmhorst Instruments
Moisture meters
Dendrology at Virginia Tech
Id for over 450 trees
Designer Shed Plans
Shed plans, one of which is especially designed to be a woodworking shop.
Dick Blick Art Materials
Art supplies, airbrushing, painting supplies, ceramics, canvas
Digital Links
Digital camera reviews
Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents
The DATAMP project is a cooperative effort of the OldWWMachines and OldTools mailing lists. It is intended to be a clearinghouse for information on antique tool and woodworking machine patents, allowing collectors of these tools to easily find information about the history of tools and trades.
Dremel tools and accessories
Easy Radient Works
Garage and shop radiant heaters.
Edited Write
Professional editing and proofreading service. 
Elderly Instruments
Musical instruments and accessories
Electricity in The Woodshop
An article by Rick Christopherson about wiring a workshop.
Electrolysis: Ted Kinsey
A paper on the use of electrolysis in artifact restoration. Woodworking relevance is in cleaning up old tools.
End of the Internet
A farce: ""You have reached the very last page of the Internet""
Respirators and other safety products
Polyurethane adhesives
Fisher Sawmill
Portable sawmill in MA.
Forestry Images
Images of insects, diseases, etc. relating to forests.
Gougeon Brothers
West System epoxies
Granberg International
Chainsaw accessories for portable mills
Magnetic featherboards
Grounding PVC and other dust collection myths
Dust Collector grounding paper
Guide to Ohio Trees
Guide to trees that grow in Ohio
H. Gerstner & Sons
Fine wood tool chests
Used books, movies
Hardwood Information
Information on hardwoods and hardwood products
Hill Brothers Chemical
MSDS sheets for many common chemicals
Hilti Corporation
Cement drills and fastening systems
How Stuff Works
Answers questions about all kinds of topics
Howard Industries
Wholesale manufacturer of exterior architectural signs and custom sign supply systems.
Humidor FAQ
Storage of Cigars
Image Wave
Software for MSDS and EPA compliance
Imagine Cedar
Cedar Framed display systems
Independent Stave Company
Staves, Heading sets, wine barrels, whiskey barrels
Bandsaw tension sdjuster quick crank
IPS Labs
Greases, corropsion inhibitors and other chemical products for lubrication etc.
J.R.Burrow & Company
Historical design merchants
Offering online comparison shopping for yu gi oh cards, baby shower games, remote control cars, portable dvd players, electric razors, outdoor patio furniture, natural gas grills, kitchenaid mixers, childrens bedroom furniture, more.
Specialty and pushbutton mechanical locks for cabinets.
Kaman Industrial Technologies
Bearings and power transmission products
Kano Laboratories
Lubricants, solvents, mold releases
Kentucky Leather and Hides.
All kinds of leather and leatherworking tools.
Lubricants and cleaners.
LA Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity
Legio Leatherworking tips
Leather working info and tips.
Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog
Non electric products designed to meet the needs of the Amish.
Log Home Store
Information and tools for building Log Homes. Also have power carving tools
Majosoft's Hobby Site
Hobby info. Make an engraver from a drill bit. Some neat models.
Martindale's Reference Center
Just about any kind of calculator you can imagine.
Medieval Leather Working
Tools, techniques, and period info.
Meridian Design
Webpage design services
Milligan and Higgins
Hides, glues, bone glues, and industrial gelatins.
Mobile Custom Sawmilling
Will cut your logs into lumber. Maybee, MI
Moisture content
A moisture content chart compliments of Lee Gfindinger
Molecular Expressions
Neat website about optics and microscopy
Montana Aviary Company
Handcrafted furniture-quality Aviaries
Moore's Sharpening
Drill sharpening service.
Moscow Hide and Fur
Leather, as well as horn, feathers, and other types of craft items.
Staplers, nailers, and accessories.
Nashville Knifeshop
Knives, razors, and more.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Information on environmental health hazards
Safety glasses and other lens products
Nida Core
Composite core materials
Northstar Joinery
Wholesale lumber, millwork & stair parts, squares, bowl blanks etc.
Old Woodworking Machines
Web site is devoted to information on the history, restoration and use of vintage woodworking machinery.
Online Metals
Metal tubing and channel
Our Knickknacks
Lightweight durable Wrought Iron Decor for your Home, Lawn and Garden. Also offers Richly Scented Soy Candles
Ozark West
Handcrafted and custom made kitchen accessories
Paragon Enterprises
Cad and web design services
Parts Express
Electronic and speaker parts.
Wood hardener and other epoxy products
Pest Supply
Source for pesticides
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Lots of pictures of collection
Popular Mechanics PM zone
Automotive, Technology, Home Improvement Science, Outdoors
Carved wooden posts, bollards, hanging gates
Premier Mantles
Fireplace mantles
Rebuilds power tool batteries with extra capacity.
Primitive Archer
Archery Magazine
Productive Workspace
High end workspace cabinets, small lathes, and plating products.
Quick Grip
Quilted Gallery
Chinese lattice quilts
Remington-Alberta Carriage Centre
Collection of horse drawn carriages
dust mask
Rio Grande
Jewelry making tools and supplies
Kit for laminating a custom skateboard deck.
AC motor drives
Handcrafted rocking horses
Rockler/Woodworkers' Journal
Pointer page to Rockler and Woodworkers' Journal
Roo Glue
Low odor adhesives
Router Woodworker
Router information
Royalton Millwork and Design
Moldings and architectural details
Rube Goldberg
Just for fun. The official Rube Goldberg site.
Safety Alerts
Alerts and recalls on all kinds of items
Sam Allen, Woodworker
Books, tools, articles
Sandhill Quilting
Moving pads, warehouse & van equipment, packaging supplies and rental equipment.
Saw Handles
Pictures of old saw handles
Sawdust Central
Power and hand tools
Sawmill Exchange
Buy-sell service for portable sawmills
Revolutionary new tablesaw brake
Scherr's Cabinets and Doors
Doors, cabinets and other cabinet parts
Schroeder Log Home Supply
Supplies for building log homes
Schwarts Chemical
Adhesives and solvents for bonding plastics.
Science and Engineering Encyclopedia
All kinds of definitions, calculators and other data.
Scout site
Information on making wooden trains and track
Scrollsawyer Exchange
exchange group for scrollsawyers
Tools and supplies for sculptors
Shapiro Supply
Distributor for all types of metal items
Sharp Tools USA
Tormek Dealer
Sheath Making Forum
Message board for sheathmaking from leather.
Siegel of California
Leather, tools, and other supplies.
Signs of Wood Co.
Personalized wooden signs for all occations
Simply Wood
Wooden cottage and house signs
Single to 3 phase power conversion
Home made phase converters
Skagit River Journal
Covering the river from British Columbia to the San Juans
Springfield Leather
All kinds of leather and leather working supplies.
Spruce Goose
Site dedicated to the ""Spruce Goose""
Starbond Adhesive
Cyanacrylate adhesives
Arch steel buildings.
Steve's Place
Articles of interest such as crown molding techniques.
Stone Panels
Stone faced honeycomb panels
Summit Steel Corporation
Carbon, alloy, bar, billet, coil steel
Tablesaw Safety Page
Articles on tablesaw safety
TAI Lubricants
Source for specialty lubricants
Teaching Plastics
Lots of information about what plastics are and how they work.
Ten Myths about Copyright Explained
Copyrighting site.
The Americana Smorgasboard
Artists and craftsman galleries.
The ArtMetal Project
Metalworking and blacksmithing site
The Bow Man's Archery Soulutions
Archery supplies
The Online Guide to Traditional Games
History, useful links and current information about traditional games from around the world.
The POR-15 Store
Rust Preventive Paint
The toymaker
Fine hardwood toys for children
The Woodshop
Reviews, Articles, and plans
The Woodworking Shop
Klingspor's shopping site. Tools and Sanding products.
This to That
Glue site with lots of good info
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Search engine for products manufactured
Timber Buyers Network
Info on forest management and other forestry related items
Tools, Tackle & Knives
Auctions for tools, fishing gear and knives.
Tree Id chart
Help in identifying trees
U. S. Buildings
Steel buildings
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Recalls on products, report unsafe products
Universal Laser systems
Woodworking lasers
University of California Statewide Intergrated Pest Management Project
Dealing with home and landscape pests
USDA Forest Products Laboratory
Publications and research projects
Protective Eyewear
Vintage Saw Tool Publications
A Growing Collection of Original Saw Set Manufacturer's Instruction Sheets And Saw Tool Related Publications For Your Reference
Wagner Electronics
Moisture meters
Western Tool
Wide Span Sheds
Australia's leading seller of steel farm sheds, barns, garages, industrial and commercial buildings and kit homes.
Wood Business Cards
Wood Veneer business from our veneers or yours.
Wood Toxicity
Human allergic and toxic reactions to wood
All kinds of online woodworking calculators.
Step-by-step reviews of tools as well as fun woodworking projects
Woodweb Solar Kiln
Designing solar kilns
Woodworkers Resource Digest
Resources, articles, and other woodworking info from Woodworker's Journal.
Woodworker's Workshop
Plans and clipart.
A website for users to post pictures etc.(free)
Woodworking Directory
Woodworking Directory Resource of all woodworking related subjects from Woodcarving and Woodcrafting to Power/Hand Tools.
Woodworking Tips
Tips from Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench magazines
Woodworking with Larry Eastman
Links, chats, newsletter and articles about woodworking
Xacto blades and preval sprayers. Also has quilting supplies.
Zack White Leather Company
Leather supplies and tools.