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Hand Tools
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Stone carving, but have rasps that would be usefull for woorworking.
A. G. Russell Fine Knives
Knives and knife resources
Ace Lapidary
Source for diamond and other types of polishing grits.
Adria Woodworking Tools
Makers of the Adria saws.
Tool for aligning saw for many handcut joints.
Ashem Crafts
Rotary planes
Ashley Iles
Home of Ashley Iles tools. Interesting factory tour.
Rasps, wood, and stone carving tools.
Barr Specialty Tools
Hand forged woodworking tools.
Black Forest Wood Company
Lathes, carving and other hand tools and turning classes. Located in Calgary.
Blue Spruce Toolworks
Beautiful, high quality hand tools for the woodworking craftsman.
Blum Tool Company
Makes hand planes and workbench and sharpening jigs.
Bob Brode Tools for Sale
Old tools for sale
Boggs Tool processing
Tool & cutter sharpening company
Brad Oren sculpture supplies
Stone carving tools. Also carries rasps that are useful to woodworkers.
Brian Boggs Chairmaker
Chairmakers website
Bridge City Tools
Fine tools for woodworkers
Cabinet Making
Instructions for making a veneer hammer
Cape Forge
Hand forged woodcarving tools
Cariboo Blades
Handforged woodcarving tools and unique handmade knives. Nice hook knives for carving.
Catalogue of American Patented Antique Tools
Gallery of hand tools of many kinds. Some for sale, but primarily for looking.
Adjustable pliers and wrenches
Chester Toolworks
Dave Anderson's site for his custom hand tools.
Clark & Williams
Makers of fine wooden hand planes
Classic Hand Tools
British source for classic hand tools.
Lumber, veneers, inlay materials, finishes, books, plans, hardware, tools and woodworking accessories
Jewelry and metal working supplies. Polishing grits.
Craftsman Studio
Fine hand tools and woodworking books.
Crosscut Saw Manual
Everything you ever wanted to know about crosscut saws.
Dan's Whetstone Company
Producer and Supplier of All Grades of Natural Arkansas Whetstones Including Genuine Black Arkansas Novaculite.
Dave's Shaves
Reproduction Wooden Spokeshaves & Service
David Finck Plane Irons
A2 steel plane irons designed for ""Krenov"" style wooden planes.
Denker Design
Hand Carving Shaves you pull (VERY aggressive and SAFE) Freeform bowls, dishes, trays and sculpture (hand carved)
Diefenbach Benches
Wood workbenches made in Germany
Diefenbacher Tools
Carving tools and hand tools
Disstonian Institute
Online reference for Disston Saws
Dovetails Detailed
Tutorial on handcut dovetails.
Hammers, hatchets and other types of tools.
European Hand Tools
The Canadian importers and distributors for Two Cherries carving tools and accessories.
European Hand Tools
Importers and distributors of European hand tools.
Fine Tool Journal
Lie-Nielsen at special prices, all the time. Used tool sales and absentee auctions. Tool reviews.
Fine Tools
All kinds of hand tools plus info about sharpening saws, scrapers and Japanese chisels.
Galena village Blacksmith
Hand forged tools including a neat holdfast.
Hamler Tools
Beautiful hand made tools. Planes, scrapers etc.
Hiraide America
Quality Japanese Tools
HNT Gordon
Hand crafted tools
Hock Tools
Plane and spokeshave blades
Johnson Level
Levels and other hand tools
Kansas City Windsor Tool Works
Spokeshaves and replacement spokeshave blades.
Knight Toolworks
Handmade planes
Lee Valley & Veritas
Major mail-order source for hand tools and accessories
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Inc.
Makers of heirloom quality tools. Block, bench and specialty planes and Independence dovetail and carcass saws
Marcou Planes
Custom hand made dovetailed metal hand planes.
Precision miniature tools
Makers of the microplane tools
Musical Instrument Maker's Forum
Musical instrument maker's forum
Japanese saws and sharpening for them.
Norris planes by Darryl Hutchinson
Norse Woodsmith
Lots of How to's and pictures of handmade tools.
Old Tools Archive
Old Tool forum
Old Tools Shop Internet Magazine
Articles by and for Galoots.
Pfeil tool home
Philly Planes
Classic wooden planes and accessories in the UK.
Plane Wood
Replacement totes and knobs for handplanes.
Robert Larson Company
Woodworking tools and supplies. Specialized in two cherries tools
Robert Sorby
Produces an extensive selection of high quality wood turning, wood carving and wood workers tools.
Sanding blocks for hand sanding.
Saw Set And Vintage Saw Tool Museum
Old tool sites
Measuring and marking tool.
Second Hand Tools
A specialist company trading mainly on the internet in quality used, secondhand, antique & user's metal, leather & woodworking, craft & gardening tools in the UK.
Shark Corporation
Japanese saws and other tools
Simpson Machine Tool Company
Re-creations of classic hand tools
Small Shops Plane Works
Hand made wooden planes.
Spurlock Specialty Tools
Specialty tools for building and repairing pianos. Also a section on hide glue.
Stanley hand tools and hardware
Steve's Knife Sharpening page
Information about knives and sharpening. Has a grit comparison chart.
Diamond lapping supplies
Sydnas Sloot
Offers a fairly extensive list of user and collector-grade woodworking and machinist's hand tools.
The complete sculptor
All kinds of sculpting tools. Also have rasps useful for woodworking.
The Electronic Neanderthal
Information on the use and preservation of old and antique woodworking tools
The Hardware Companies Kollectors Klub
THCKK is a not-for-profit organization formed in March of 1996. It serves to distribute information and provide an interactive forum about hardware companies such as E.C. Simmons, A.F. Shapleigh and The Winchester Store (and the popular collectibles bearing their logos and house brands)and other historically interesting hardware companies.
The Iron Hand
Information about Emmert vises.
The Japan Woodworker Catalog
Japanese tools and accessories.
The Japanese Woodworker
Handmade Japanese woodworking tools, garden tools and cutlery.
The Shepherd Tool Company
Planes and plane kits.
The Superior Works
Old and new tools/ planes layout knives. Also home of Patrick's Blood and Gore, the definitive list of Stanley Planes.
The Tool Directory
A comprehensive directory of tools and tool manufacturers. Includes woodworking and non-woodworking tools.
The Woodworkers Choice
Distributors of router bits, saw blades, router jigs, hand and power tools.
Thomas Flinn & co.
Tool Restoration
An article about electrolysis for rust removal.
Woodworking and metalworking information. Has a bunch of online calculators, wood and metal working tools.
Tools For Working Wood
Tools for Working Wood (same as The Museum of Woodworking Tools) carries a wide variety of books, videos and hand tools--including some great names such as Clifton, Sorby, Two Cherries, Pax, Norton, and Starrett--in addition to some fine tools that are exclusive to us.
Traditional tools
Dedicated to increasing the use and knowledge of traditional woodworking tools.
UK source for hand and power tools.
Union Hill Antique Tools
Source for antique handtools.
Vintage Saws
Vintage Disston Saws.
Vintage Saws
Specializing in the sale of vintage Disston saws of all types and ages.
Wenzloff & Sons
Hand made saws and saw kits
Wetzler Company
Clamps of all kinds
White Mountain Toolworks
Traditional handcrafted wooden planes. Also have woodworking classes
Woodbutchering with Scott
Scott Post's website. Lots of info on planemaking.
Tools, books and supplies.
Woodjoy Tools
Handcrafted hand tools.
Workbench Design
A workbench design resource for woodworkers compliments of Tim Celeski.
Workbench World
Workbench maker for our friends in Australia.
Yesterday's Tools
Antique tools for sale. Also, good article on tuning handplanes.