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Antique Furniture & Collectibles
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American Society of Appraisers
Find an appraiser or information about appraisals.
Antique Clocks
Sales and info on antique clocks
Antique Furniture
Antiques World(sm) -- Where Antiques and Collectibles Buyers and Sellers Meet on the Internet
Antique Furniture Dealers Directory
Antiques of all kinds
Antique Networking Seminars
An online resource for the art, antiques & collectibles industry
Antique Refinishers
Located in San Diego providing restoration and conservation of pre-industrial American and European furniture for private collectors, dealers, and institutions following the Code of Ethics and Guidelines of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.
Antique Restoration Center
Hardware, accessories and finishing materials for restoration of antique furniture.
Antique Restorers
Antique restoration articles and information
Antiques & Art Austratian
Antique furniture site
Antiques at Antiques Network
Antique furniture site
Arts & Crafts Gallery and History
A brief history and collection of A&C furniture
Full Chisel Blog
Stephen Shepherd's website with good information on finishes and historical topics
Maine Antique Digest
Medieval Woodworking
Information about medieval woodworking
R. J. Simpsons Fine Furniture
Custom Furniture plus articles on conservation and restoration of fine furniture.
Ray Boas, Bookseller
Antique Books
Stuff Inc
Artifacts into furniture, mirrors, tables
Tias.com Antiques and Collectibles
Buy and sell antiques on line