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New project today, fuming tent
Posted By Craig Daymon
Date Friday, 29 April 2022, at 10:17 p.m.

Craig Daymon
I like to fume using household ammonia. It's pretty safe, but the things I fume must be able to fit in an Igloo cooler. Since I only fume turnings, I'm not talking about something to use for a dining table. Household works very well, just takes longer. Give it a day or two instead of an hour or 2, and don't worry about dying from the process.

So I've got a 12.5" bowl, about 3" deep out of lightly figured Maple with a slight raised band around it. There are wire burn lines on either side of the band. I painted the band with Black Tea (which is very high in tannin) and then needed a way to fume it.

1) I cut a piece of 3/4" MDF 24"x24" and drew lines from opposite corners to find the center.
2) I used a large compass to draw a 24" diameter circle, as well as a 22" diameter circle with the same center. And then cut the circle out on the bandsaw.
3) I cut 2 inch wide strips of half inch plywood. Two 24" in length and four 11" in length.
4) I glued two 11" pieces to each 24" piece with a 2" gap in the middle.
5) 3/4" diameter holes are drilled in the MDF at the intersections of the 22" circle and the crossed lines used to find center about halfway in.
6) On the glued up pieces, I drilled 3/4" holes an inch in from the ends on both ends and both sides, less than the glue line.
7) I also drilled 3/32" holes about the same depth along the center line every inch of the glued up strips, only on one side of each, on the unbroken 24" side of one and on the side with the 2" gap on the other.
8) 5" long by 3/4" diameters are glued into the MDF holes and into the cross braces, gluing the half lap created by the gaps. The half lapped strips are glued where their gaps meet too. The small, 3/32", holes appear on top.
9) I also cut four 18" by 3/4" diameter dowels (I have a bunch of 36" dowels) that will be placed in the 3/4" diameter holes on the sides of the cross braces with the rows of small holes.
10) Made sure to sand all rough edges.

So in use, the plan is to place a large hefty bag on the ground and the MDF disk in the middle. Slide a Pyrex pan with ammonia in it centered under the cross brace. Toothpicks are placed in the small holes where necessary to support the piece. The bag is tied off above the 18" dowels and then a second bag is dropped over just to double up the tenting.

I'll try to remember to take a before and after of the bowl to show the effect of using tea on Maple and fuming.

Hope someone finds this idea useful. If I had some painting skill, I could imagine painting with tea and then fuming to create a sort of Sepia tone images. Probably in an impressionist format as I suspect the tea on wood will want to bleed. Though watercolor painters deal with such. OK, done rambling, probably in need of a snack.


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