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Re: Deep Epoxy Fill
Posted By Barry Irby
Date Monday, 9 May 2022, at 6:28 p.m.

In Response To Deep Epoxy Fill (howard gorman)

Barry Irby
I have done a couple of deep pours. The epoxy I used took a week to cure. I did not seal the edges because I did not know it was a good idea. In the mean time I have been watching endless YouTube videos on the topic and it might be good to clean the edges thoroughly and paint them with faster setting epoxy to keep air bubbles from out gassing into your pour.

The other thing I would caution you about is to be VERY certain your form is sealed. I taped the bottom side and rolled the tape on carefully, poured in my epoxy and left the shop for dinner. Came back and about a 1/4 of it was on the floor. worked like a maniac to seal things better and pent the night picking up the catch buckets and pouring it back into the top. Failed. Had to order more.

I might try pouring in a 1/4" of faster setting epoxy to seal the form and then topping off with the deep pour stuff. Unfortunately the faster stuff is more viscous and may not find the tiny cracks and escape points the thinner less viscous stuff might seek out.

If you plan to use multiple pours you have to pour the subsequent layers before the first is fully cured to be sure you get a good bond. But the second layer can float the first layer and slither under it if you are too quick (and leak).

My understanding is that here are only a few manufacturers of the actual tuff and it is repackaged and sold under numerous name brands so I think compatibility is not too big a problem. I got a different brand from the same company I ordered the first batch that leaked. I used abut half of it and set the rest aside for later. When the time came I found it had crystalized. the company said it was probably OK and I should warm it up and use it. I said NOPE, This was an expensive project and "probably" wasn't good enough and they sent me yet a third brand.

Getting ready for another project that may require a few ounces, glad you sent me down this memory exercise.

I mentioned the stuff can take a week to cure. While its curing the space must be kept reasonably warm and very clean. Boring.


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