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FAQ - Updated 7 Jun 2022
Posted By Peter
Date Thursday, 26 May 2022, at 12:37 a.m.


If you have received a site offline message, it is because both I and the data center of this server take security very seriously, and if anything is found that indicates malware, all access is blocked until it is investigated and resolved. Recently, our automated scans have found what appear to be some sort of an injection attack, which triggers setting the site offline. I know it can be annoying, but that is the best thing to do. Once I am aware of this, it usually only takes me about 15 minutes to resolve the issue.

Q: Why the change?

A: The site was experiencing problems posting and corrupting the message database. Support for the forum software (TetraBB) is no longer available as the author has retired and no longer supports it. A decision was made to migrate the messages to another server using an earlier version of the software (PerlB) which is still supported. You are viewing this on the www.perlb.com domain and not www.woodcentral.com. This is temporary until the issue on WC can be sorted out, possibly involving provisioning and migrating everything to a new server.

Because this is a different domain

  • All messages will appear as unread, your preferences will need to be reset, and you will need to enter your password to post if you have a profile. This information is stored in a cookie, and the cookies are tied by domain.
  • If you have set your browser to clear cookies upon closing with exceptions, you will need to add https://www.perlb.com to the list of exceptions.
  • Emails from the forum may end up in your junk/spam folder. This is because an email with a woodcentral.com address is being sent from the perlb.com domain, and some email providers consider that sketchy and will toss it into your junk folder. I may be able to get around that by using a perlb.com email address, and then forwarding it from this domain to another WoodCentral email address. Meanwhile, check your spam/junk folder if you expect email notifications to your posts.
  • UPDATE: Email notifications are now being sent from woodcentral@perlb.com which appears to fix the issue of emails being tossed into a junk folder.

Q: How do I navigate to other pages?

A: MENU in the upper-left corner to go just about anywhere you want to go. Navigation bar at the very bottom of the page to jump among the forums. WC logo in upper-right corner will always return to homepage. Note that the red navigation bars at both the top and bottom are FIXED, meaning they are always in view and available regardless of where you have scrolled on a page.

Q: How do I upload an image?

A: The editor toolbar has an image icon which allows you to upload an image from your device or paste the URL of an image already somewhere on the Web. After using either, the image will appear in the editor at the current cursor location. The editor does not appear to let you move images around, but you can highlight and drag text around.

Q: Can I embed a video?

A: You cannot upload a video, but you can embed videos from YouTube and other popular video hosting sites. Use the toolbar Video icon.

Q: How do I edit posts?

A: You cannot. If you wish to change it, you must delete it and post again. Note: The option to delete a post does not appear while viewing using Guestbook style. I am trying to fix this but so far have not been able to locate the code which determines this.

To avoid having to type everything in again, follow these steps:

  1. Display your post and highlight what you posted, including images, etc. Press Ctrl-C to copy the highlighted part into your local device's buffer. You will need it in Step 3.
  2. Once you have saved this to your buffer, you may want to delete the post before someone replies to it. If you are unsure you have actually saved things to your buffer, wait until you have completed the remainder of these these steps before deleting it.
  3. Create the post again, and press Ctrl-V to paste the contents of your buffer into the editor.
  4. Fix whatever you wanted to fix.
  5. Save new post. Remember to delete the other one if you haven't done so already.

Not as easy as having an Edit option but not too difficult. Hopefully, having a WYSIWYG editor will lessen the need to edit posts.

Q: Why does my profile not appear when viewing profiles?

A: Over 2500 profiles have been created. Only profiles of those who have posted within the date range being displayed by the current forum are listed.

Q: Is there a forum where I can make test posts and play around with how things work?

A: Yes. There is a Sandbox forum specifically for this sort of thing.


If you have viewed the Feedback forum before, I have archived all the messages to lessen clutter and make it easier to find answers to common questions in this one post.


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