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Re: Cannot post anything but a title
Posted By Ellis Walentine
Date Tuesday, 19 April 2022, at 11:26 a.m.

Ellis Walentine
Derek et al., nobody can post for some reason. Here is my most recent explanation/apology. My server guys can’t help, so I’m going to reach out to my guy in England, if he’s still online. We may have to reorganize if we can’t figure this out….

Nobody’s as sorry as I am…



I know that several of us have had trouble posting in the last couple days, myself included. So far, we've troubleshot all the likely possibilities with no conclusive evidence of anything. I personally use Chrome as my default browser, but now, somehow, I'm posting okay in Chrome, and I've just successfully posted with Safari. My server guys have tested Edge and Firefox and had no problems. It doesn't seem to be a server-side issue -- no Perl conflicts or syntax changes -- nor an admin-side issue -- no code changes or resource-usage issues -- so I have to just hang in there with you and try to catalog all complaints to see if a pattern emerges.

Where does this leave us? If you read this, and have continuing issues, please email me and tell what steps you went through to produce the problem.* If I don't reply, forgive me. And, just to confirm that it is not a browser-related issue on your computer or device, kindly try to access the boards and post in another browser and let me know what happened.

I do hate mysteries, and as bulletproof as our software is, I only have one other contact in the world, a guy in England, who is at all knowledgeable on the subject, and I don't think he can find anything amiss here, at least not without more sophisticated testing, which I'm not able to do.

Suffice it to say that we're working on it and I appreciate your patience. At some point, it might mean migrating to another platform, which would make us look and feel like all the other forums out there, which I've studiously avoided lo these many years.

Onward for now,
Ellis Walentine, Host

*Here’s what happens at my end, so if this sounds familiar, don’t bother emailing me the chapter and verse. You’re welcome to confirm that this is what’s happening at your end…

- I click the Post New or Reply link in the gray navbar at the top of the forum page
- My name, password and email are autofilled in the post new/reply form
- I enter a title in the Subject textbox and a message in the large textarea
- I hit the Post button and it just blinks once and nothing happens; the page hangs
-—IF I hit it again, nothing happens
-—IF I hit Preview button, I preview the message
-— BUT IF I hit Post again, I get the “Duplicate Submission” error

No joy.


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