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Hand Tools
Stephen Shepherd *LINK* *PIC*
Posted By Ellis Walentine
Date Tuesday, 12 April 2022, at 9:24 a.m.

Ellis Walentine

Hi folks,

It's been six years since Stephen Shepherd passed away. As many of you recall, he was our Hand Tools chatroom host and resident expert on 18th century woodworking tools, methods and finishes, along with a lot of other arcana. Anyhow, I just heard from Kelly Bingham, Stephen's nephew, who is trying to keep Stephen's legacy alive by continuing to sell his books. I told him I would announce his new website (see link below) and do what I could to help. By all means, go to the site and patronize our departed friend's offerings. His books are collectors' items for sure.

Another of Kelly's big projects is trying to figure out what to do with all of Stephen's tools and effects. I have no idea of the inventory, but I know it's extensive. As to its value, I thought I'd ask this group for advice. One option Kelly mentioned is to sell it to the This Is The Place Heritage Park where Stephen spent many years creating and re-enacting the activities of an old-time woodshop. This seems like a sensible option, as it would convey the totality of the experience, although it might be tough to find demonstrators who understand even a fraction of the encyclopedic knowledge and experience that Stephen had. It brings up a question we all will face at some point: What's going to happen to my tools and stuff when I'm gone?

So, if you're interested in buying a book, head on over to the site; and if you have any suggestions as to potential strategies or buyers for Stephen's estate, you can email Kelly directly ([email protected]) or share them here for group input.

Thanks for helping keep Stephen's legacy alive.

Ellis Walentine

Stephen's Website

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