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***Drag In and Brag On*** *PIC*
Posted By Ellis Walentine
Date Monday, 24 January 2022, at 2:01 p.m.

Ellis Walentine
Hey folks,

For our next installment in the March issue of Woodworker West magazine, I thought I'd fall back on an old routine we used at guild meetings in the old days, the "Drag In and Brag On..." where folks post one or more pictures of recent works they have recently completed and tell everyone a bit about these works.

It doesn't have to be furniture or turnings or anything narrowly defined. In fact, it could be a concept realized, that might be of interest to other woodworkers. For example, I recently designed and built a drafting board to sit on top of my wife's light table. The innovation was my solution to the problem of raising the tilt of the board in 2" increments from 0" to 8". Not overly high on the craftsmanship scale, but I thought it might be worth some points for design.

I looked at commercially available mechanisms I could put to use for this application, but I couldn't see how to make them work on this steel light table. So I started drawing quadrant-style ratchet mechanisms and other gizmos, and this is what finally shook out. I made two of these plywood "frog feet", one for each side of the board. The front ends of the support rails pivot on T-nuts bolted to the sides of the cabinet, and the frog foot has separate tips for each incremental height. The final result is super convenient and solid as a rock.

I also turned a hollowform in Western red cedar burl (5" H x 10" D):

This big ol' chunk of burl was sent to a buddy of mine who wondered what to do with it. I spun it up on the old Poolewood and hollowed it to about 3/16" wall thickness using my home made hollowing tools. It is sanded to some super-fine grit (1200?) and wiped with a coat of Bush Oil. I bequeathed it to my friend who gave me the burl.

So, here's the challenge: Post a photo of something you've made recently and tell a bit about it. Clock's ticking; what have you been up to?

Ellis Walentine, Host


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