Dayl Gable
10.17.51 – 12.27.09

    Dayl Gable, who lost his valiant battle with cancer at the young age of 58, was a uniquely and phenominally talented artist and wood carver, in addition to being a devoted family man, husband, father, neighbor and friend. Dayl came to recognize his innate ability for sculptural woodcarving relatively late in life, when he was in his early '40s, but his artistic eye and intuitive carving ability were evident right from the first pieces he created.
    An outdoorsman and lover of nature and all her creatures, Dayl was deeply affected by Native American art and culture, and his work reflects native themes and a profound reverence for the sanctity and dignity of living creatures, including bears, cougars, otters, turtles, hawks and insects, carved with amazing realism, primarily from locally harvested burls. At his memorial service, his son Jacob, a gifted writer and poet in his own right, mentioned how ironic it was that this man, who so effortlessly uncovered hidden treasures in these abnormal tree growths, ultimately would succumb to the malignancy growing inside himself.
    Dayl was a thoughtful, intelligent and self-effacing soul who dedicated himself to his family, his work and the rhythms of nature. We will never know what other treasures we will never see as a result of his untimely death. This gallery is dedicated to his widow, Jane, and his son Jacob, as an inspiration to all of us who dedicate ourselves to the possibilities inherent in wood.
... Ellis Walentine, Host

[NOTE: I will be adding more and better photos of Dayl's work as I acquire them, but these images should give you an idea of the power of this man's work. I'll announce new additions on the messageboards.]

World Below His Wings, 1992

Forest Floor, 1993

Pursuit, 1992

Pursuit, Detail, 1992

Bear Medicine Bowl, 1993

Feast From the Oaks, 1993

Goose With An Attitude, 1993

High Country Face-Off

High Country Face-Off, Detail

Lunar Lunch, 1994

Pitcher of Engineering, 1994

Windy Pathways, 1994

Toadal Attention, 1995

Toadal Attention, 1995

Stinging Brew, 1995

Stinging Brew, 1995

Cadra Kettle, 1996

Cadra Kettle, Detail

Party of River Otters