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About - Links

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This forum contains thousands of links accumulated over two decades and many sites may no longer exist. On our to-do list is to write code to detect bad links and update the lists automatically, but in the interim, we can update the lists if you reply describing any bad links you have found.

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Following are popular and recent links in no particular order. Reply with other forums or websites you find helpful. If you are a member of a woodworking group or association, reply with its website or other contact information.

American Association of Woodturners (AAW)
Bob Vila
Canadian Woodworking
Ellsworth Studios
Fine Woodworking
Fuji Spray
Hunter Tool Systems
KM Tools
Lee Valley
Packard Woodworks
Popular Woodworking
Woodworkers Guild of America
Wood Magazine
WoodWorkers Journal
Woodworkers Source
Woodworking Talk
2SAND - A complete stock of high quality sanding belts and sanding discs
Swingley Development - Woodworking
David Fisher - Carving Explorations
In the Woodshop (w/Derek Cohen)
Toolemera Press
Wood and Shop
The Wood Database
Reddit Beginner Woodworking
Facebook Woodworking Groups
Craftsy Woodworking Courses
Common Woodworking

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