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Getting Started


Getting Started

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Revised 2023-09-13

When WoodCentral started in 1998, it used state-of-the-art forum software.  Over the years it became dated, difficult to use and maintain, and was only capable of displaying and searching a tiny fraction of the total posts made over the years. To remedy this, we have converted to forum software from the ForkBB open source project which uses the latest Web technologies with a clean and easy-to-use interface.

If you never posted on the old forums, just register for a new account, or post as a guest.

If you did post on the old forums, you may already have an account here and will not be able to register a duplicate user account nor post as a guest using a registered username.  Here is how to test this:

Select Login => Forgotten
Enter the email address you used when posting on the old forums


We want this to be as simple as possible for you, so Just contact us to let us figure it out and get you set up. Include the username you used on the old forums and a valid email address you want associated with your account.

Meanwhile, you can post as a guest but will have to use a different username. The system will not allow guests to post using the name of a registered username for obvious reasons.

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Re: Getting Started



Thanks for all you do in maintaining this site. Having helped on the sidelines on other sites, I realize the amount of work and time needed to make these work. And multiply that do process an upgrade like this. 

Do you have a spot to report oddities or is this as good a place as any? I ran across that there is no link back to the forums or home page after opening the Marketplace. If I missed it, sorry about that and please advise where it is.    

Thanks again!

Re: Getting Started

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@Lance Mirrer, Thank you for the kind words.

The footer (bottom) of every page on the site has links to the homepage, forums, and everywhere else on the site. The Marketplace is a separate software application with its own template system, and the top navigation bar with a logo and drop-down menu used on the rest of the site was not compatible with it, so it was not included.

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