Sears Model/Manufacturer Table
originally submitted by Cecil Ramsey, updated by others

Sears, of course, does not manufacture the products that it sells. It is possible to know the manufacturer by decoding the model number on the equipment. The model number is in the form of xxx.xxxxxx. Using the table below, you can find out which manufacturer made which machine.
071.xxxxxx Agri-Fab Corporation
103.xxxxxx 50's stationary tools by King-Sealey(?)(#103.0213-early 50's tablesaw)
floor model tools by Emerson Electric
115.xxxxxx Rixon
135.xxxxxx Skill/Bosch
149.xxxxx AMT
472.xxxx Dremel (Emerson)
103.xxxxxx Sarlo Power Mower
128.xxxxxx EJ Rugg
131.xxxxxx American Yard Products (AYP)
133.xxxxxx AYP
136.xxxxxx Toro
143.xxxxxx Tecumseh
180.xxxxxx Lambert Corp
219.xxxxxx MTD
234.xxxxxx Poulan
247.xxxxxx MTD
253.xxxxxx Gibson - Gibson is now owned Frigidaire
271.xxxxxx Kioritz Corp (Echo)
306.xxxxxx Belsaw
315.xxxxx Ryobi tools
316.xxxxx Ryobi tools
317.xxxxxx Makita
358.xxxxxx  Poulan
359.xxxxxx Bolens
378.xxxxxx Omark (Oregon)
426.xxxxxx Parker Sweeper
473.xxxxxx Quincy Compressor
498.xxxxxx Didier Mfg. Co.
500.xxxxxx Briggs & Stratton
502.xxxxxx Murray
517.xxxxxx Homelite
536.xxxxxx AMF (Murray)
538.xxxxxx AMF (Murray)
580.xxxxxx Generac
582.xxxxxx Clinton Engines
576.xxxxxx D & M which was gobbled up by Frigidaire
636.xxxxxx Echo
663.xxxxxx Air Cap (MTD)
809.xxxxxx AMF
854.xxxxxx White (MTD)
900.xxxxxx Black & Decker/Dewalt
917.xxxxxx AYP
919.xxxxxx DeVilbiss


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