Milwaukee 6256 Jig Saw
by T. Caine

I was shopping at the tool store when I found out they were out of bosch, I was depressed for a split second till my wife holds up a red one. One grip will assure you that there is a scroll sawing god, and she knows how to cut straight.

This thing is as close to a bandsaw as you'll find in the palm of your hand . This model is about two years old so the numbers may have changed. The saw draws about five or six amps and has a non removable cord as standard equipment. A roller behind the blade that adjusts is nice for cutting inch and a half sink holes without sweat, this is my main purpose for this tool.

Zipping sink holes faster than I would care to explain. Of special note is the comfort of the handle and general ergonomics wich are superb. I'm not a one brand guy, I tend to buy tools per each types virtues, I just have a nice set of red handled drills and jig saw. Anyway the other main thing I like is you change blades with a flat tip screwdriver, works like a table saw for securley fastening the blade wich will keep you out of countertop/chipout pergatory.

The big advantage over "clic" type blade holders is simplicty and speed. I also grind my own blades for the silkiest cutting imaginable. Oh yeah it cuts to within 5/8" of a backsplash or wall and within 1 1/4" of a side wall when ripping. It also never gives the effect of having to WORK while cutting, something the Sears and Makita that it replaced would certainly do.

Scroll sawing for me was never a joy, as it's close cousin the sawzall and the like send me searching for peace in the form of some nice quiet hand sawing or sanding yeah sanding! All in all there is not one complaint I could levy the millwaukee scroll saw save it's cost, as it does require a chunk of change. Happy however is the countertop man after sink hole cursing and praying with a Millwaukee 6256.