Lennox Carbide Bandsaw Blade Review
by Steve Knight

I have bought a 3/8" and a 1/2". they are by far the biggest improvement in my delta 14" saw. they cut far smoother and faster then any other sawblade I have tried. including lennex bi-metal blades and timberwolf's blades.

I have cut lots of the worst woods. lignum vitae ebony IPE teak cocobolo with no problems. I have resawn 4" LV with the 3/8" blade. the price for the 3/8" is 113.00 locally and the 1/2" is 99.00

But there are some problems. I cut a lot of 5/4 white oak into wedges. I resaw it at 10 degrees. usually one wedge is too thick (later after the problem I figured out I can just use a longer piece) so I have to resaw off about 1/8" or so off. I have had some big problems doing this with the carbide blades. the blade will grab the wood and jam. the first blade I had bent a little bit the first time. and worse the second time. The store replaced it. I was thinking it was the gap in the throat plate. so I went and got some zero clearance throat plates. Well I tired it on the second 3/8" blade. the result was pretty bad. the throat plate shattered (it was some kind of plastic) and the blade was really bent and behind the back guide. bent on edge. it was sunday so I was stuck with it. I hammered the back to see if I could get it back inline. got it done ok. good enough to use. though the cut was ragged. These blades like to grab. You have to make sure the wood is firm against the fence. and sometimes when the saw is bogging down they will grab.

I got the 1/2" to replace the bent 3/8" it has a bad weld. the blade is not lined up so part of the blade is a little forward. it does not cut lean and grabbed in some cocobolo locking tight.

These are great blades. but you have to be careful with them. don't try to resaw short pieces that are not too thick.