Jesada 12" Miter Saw Blade

Miter Saw BladeI recently received and used the Jesada miter saw blade on my DeWalt 12" CMS.

This blade has 90 ATB teeth and a -5 degree hook angle. I bought this blade after purchasing and returning a DeWalt 80t blade. The DeWalt blade (series 20, they've since come out with series 40) did not cut cleanly and required what I thought to be excessive effort and power to even get through hardwood.

My first and final impression of this blade is, "WOW!". It cuts through hardwood like butter and leaves the sharpest, cleanest, squarest edges with no tearout. Using this blade the DeWalt cuts with incredible ease and no bog down.

I cut several boards of various thickness and width with consistantly excellent results when evaluating joint straightness and closure.

I highly recommend this blade and I do not work for or represent Jesada. I would write a review such as this for any product I found that I highly believe in.

This is an expensive blade at over $100, but if you want the best, this may be it.

Mark - 3/25/98


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