Jet JBS14CS Band Saw

Purchased new.


  • Packed well, machine was insulated/protected well from outside damage.
  • All the parts were there, assembly was a breeze! all in all about 1 hour.
  • Table surface was in good order and smooth.
  • Manual was easy to read.
  • 1hp is ample and results in a lot of power for resawing, and delicate scrolling.
  • Tilting table mechanism is adequate and stable.


  • The blade pocket in the table was slightly deeper than the removable insert and required a minor filing with a rat tail to round over the edges. (we are talking some 0.003 +/-, just enough that a sharp edge of a maple or oak would catch after passing the blade)
  • Had to tweak the guide bearings and the cool blocks.
  • Two people!!! the cabinet and motor are easy, but, that darn head stock is a tad more than one person should try!!!
  • Sulfolk blades.
  • Roll around base or make sure you have a flat floor.

I would recommend to anyone to check out Jet cabinet band saws.

THANKS FOR A GREAT FORUM!!!!! Ordie Wilkinson - 3/6/98


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