Glue Stains

I have just finished staining my red oak coffee table and have found several small spots where I did not completely wipe away the wood glue. Is there any solution to my glue problem or am I stuck with the spots? Will sanding the spots help?

-Chris B.


  • All too often, when a spot defect is found during the staining process, the result after the repair is a difficult color match. Normally, this is a lighter colored area. For glue and scratches, I take 100 or 120 grit sandpaper (NOT any finer), dip the paper into the can of stain, and spot sand the area. If more stain is needed, apply it with the sandpaper, not with your normal rag, wipe the area down as normal.

-Rick Christopherson



  • Glue spots happen now and then. You are going to miss on no matter how good you try and watch for them. What I do is I use some scrapers and scrape the area, and re-stain. It blends right in. If the spot is bad I have sanded it out. Then blend the stain in.

-Tom Meadows,

Creative Works Custom Woodworking



  • I've often had that happen. What I have done is use a scraper or sometimes a sharp chisel (very carefully!) to remove the glue, and then sand a little, again, carefully, and reapplied the stain locally. It usually works out fine. The only trick is to be very careful not to gouge adjacent areas.