Grizzly 6x48 Edge Sander

Purchased new

Received machine with damaged box. Obvious rough handling by the shipper, but, not all his fault.The boxing and dunnage was not significant enough nor sturdy enough to withstand the shipping method (truck). At best I would rank the packaging was for will call customers only! The box wasn't double wall and the dunnage was too light to protect the machine correctly. There was some damage to the unit, although not to the point of non-functional. All the parts were there rattling around.

Negatives, other than above

  1. Finishes on the work surfaces not complete, the grinding processes are not smooth or complete. Final sanding with wet dry emery to get the surface smooth will be required. Then sealing the surface with something will be required. The belt ajustment is third rate at best. Three hands is required and it is not consistent with the belts. Change from one grit to another you will most likely have to change the belt setting for tracking.
    Definitely could be improved.
  2. Using shim stock between the ram and cam is easier than adjusting the tracking system on this machine.
  3. The main table is low quality cast aluminum!!! Cheap and not very stable, they tried to gussett the table, but failed miserably in my book.
  4. The table fence stop is a low quality aluminum fixed head stock with a single hold down screw that is not accurate. but figure this one out: the radius table is cast iron/steel with a solid steel adjustment post. The least used surface!!!!
  5. The drive roller is thin aluminum which contributes to some of the vibration.


  1. Heavy cast frame, heavy steel base, heavy and solid bed.
  2. Maximum bed length, they didn't cut the platen short.
  3. The edge table adjustment guide is cast iron/steel combo with two lock downs on a guided frame resulting in a stable slide mechanism that is square with the platen. All other material is cast iron/steel.
  4. After only two hours of use the motor shaft snapped in two pieces just above the motor bearing housing. Called Grizzly and they acknowledged the problem, said the problem had been addressed, fixed and sent a new motor. and credited me for the return shipping on the failed motor.


To the best of my knowledge this is the only 6x48 offered on the market, and I have limited space. The better machines were 6x84, 6x96, 6x102, the intent was to have a good horizontal/edge belt sander. I have an edge sander, but, I would not recommend it unless some of the above is addressed and improved. Grizzly tried to economically up the profit margin in the wrong areas IMHO. (I say profit margin since they were the only one on the market with a 6x48). With very little effort and very little cost increase grizzly could have a very nice sander.

Ordie - 3/11/98