What is Boice Crane?
by Chris Scanlon

I recently did a little research about Boice Crane equipment as I just purchased a BC 12" planer at a recent auction. It is built like a tank (approx 700lbs) and runs well. Here is the info that I gathered from various message board postings.

What used to be Boice-Crane is now called Gothenburg Manufacturing Co. (P.O. Box 308, Gothenburg, NE 69138; 308-537-3628). However, a better bet for finding parts for old Boice-Crane machines is from a company that specializes in parts for those machines. For information, write or call Myron Buehrer, Boice-Crane Parts, 2442 Densmore Drive, OH 43606; (419) 531-1113. --Robert Vaughan, rehabilitator of woodworking machinery in Roanoke, Va., and contributing editor to FW

Rich B. - Boice-Crane was in Toledo, OH. They are no longer in business. Their line was low end industrial, but for the home or small shop, you're right, they are tanks. I have a 6" jointer and a 3/4" spindle shaper. I have seen occasional items in FWW about spare parts. There is a person or firm that has them. Maybe a search of the FWW site would help. I found that the parts I needed such as bearings, belts, motor mounts, etc. were available at any good store that specializes in that sort of stuff.

Jake D. - Chris, Boise Crane made a full line of ww equipment. My friend has a 10" tablesaw and 6" jointer made by Boise Crane. Both machines are used daily and seem to perform well. I'm sorry I can't tell you more about the company or it's current status. I do know they sued Rockwell years ago for patent infrigment. They won that suit if my information is correct. jd

Henry H - I saw this message posted lower down on this forum that might help. All parts for boice-crane and comet radial arm saws are available through comet enginering @ 909)987-3159 or e-mail preferdframe@earthlink.net.



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