Ridgid TS2424 Tablesaw
by Buddy Catoe

I own the Ridgid TS2424 saw and have been quite pleased with my choice. I have not tried any aftermarket attachments,other than an 8" dado insert I got from Sears, so I can't comment on that but I agree with Ford that this is a very good contractors saw. I have used mine to cut 2X oak with no problem so in my opinion it has adequate power. The saw comes standard with two things that are usually considered upgrades. A machined pulley and belt system and a moblie base. Like Ford says, the casters work great and there is almost no vibration. The saw passes the nickle test.

I had no set up problems and everything was in alignment from the factory except the adjustable mitre gauge which was simple to set. The only problem I have found with the 2424 fence is the capacity. I would like to have 30" to the right of the blade. The fence is not self aligning and can be locked out of alignment but it is not prone to do so. It is very simple to make sure it is in alignment before it is locked and I have had no problems with this. I like that the fence locks on both ends and that it has T slots for attachments like feather boards or an auxiliary fence. Bolts are provided to attach an auxiliary fence along with instructions for making it.

As for options, Ford was right, Biesemyer does offer a fence that fits this saw and Ridgid offers an optional dust collection attachment. I feel sure the other saws you mentioned are good choices because they have good reputations. I have Delta and Jet tools also and have had no problems with those either. I have found that the quality of my Ridgid tools is on par with my Delta or Jet tools.