Ridgid TP1300 Planer
by Matt Lally

Well, I have denounced Ridgid tools before and said that I thought they were basically a marketing gimic used by HD, but I have been carefully reviewing my options on a portable planer purchase. I finally bought the Ridgid TP1300 over the DeWalt and Delta, which I have several tools by these brands. I think I bought the Ridgid because I like the ergonomics of this machine initally, and would take my chances on the performance- I was not disappointed.

It has the height adjustment on the side versus the top and I find this easier than having it on the top.

It has the instructions for changing knives right on the inside or a little door to the "accessory" compartment - no searching for the book.

It has set depth stops from 1/8 to 1 3/4 so 3/4 will be the same 3/4 you set yesterday.

It has a straight edge on the top of the tool and a little ruler perpendicular to it so you can put the board on edge up againts it and check the thickness.

It is 20 lbs heavier than the Dewalt and the motor is quiet for a universal.

It has a place to wrap the cord up when in storage and a place for storing the knive adjustment tools and extra knives, which it came with 2 extra.

I planed a squared 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 block on all four sides and the squareness was dead-on and the thickness guage was acurate as well.

Though HD hasn't stocked the dust hood yet, but they will have it in stock later this month for $19.99 versus $29.99 for the DeWalt.

The cut is very smooth at a listed 19000 CPM.

As I use it more I will probaly find more things I like or dislike, but I'll have fun finding out.