Penn State PSI DC1-B Dust Collector
by Dominic Greco

I have just finished assembling the PSI 1HP DC1-B dust collector and I have some comments if you're interested.


It was extremely easy to assemble, requiring only about 45 minutes to complete. The directions were clear and very consice (and written only in english!) and there were surprisingly little bolts and nuts.


The support frame construction was moderately heavy. The base and upright support look like 14 Ga steel. Included with the DC is a "Y" fitting with one end capped and 8 feet of "economy" grade flexible hose.


I was sort of under-whelmed by the paint job. Call me anal, but when I shell out money for something, I like it to look sharp. There was some poor indivdual's hair stuck in the paint of the base and the finished looked rough and half done in two spots on the base. I have a little red paint with which to touch these up. But, let's be real here. It's going into a wood shop! Not a beauty salon. I don't think the finish is going to matter after it has been in use for a while.

Filter Bags

The 5 Micron dust bags were also rather easy to install. The directions indicated that they had some type of band fasteners sewn into them. These directions must be from a previous version. I had received (2) metal "spring and clamp band" type fasteners with this unit. It took only a minute to figure out how to use these. Once the bags were slipped into place and the clamps applied, it was a good, tight fit.

The DC is moved about the shop via 4 casters on the bottom of the base. But please be careful when moving it. It is a top heavy unit and can tip VERY easily.


When I actually got down to turning the DC on I was rather impressed by the sound, or lack thereof. It was as quiet as the fan on my furnace. I am used to the "scream" of the shop vac.

I managed to rig together a hasty dust collection bin for my Jointer and set about field testing this DC. I was quite pleased with the results. The DC1-B performed as advertised and picked up the chips in a speedy fashion. This small 1hp unit is pretty powerful for it's size.

Another quicky test was to turn the DC on and to operate my orbital sander in front of the open duct. It handled the small, fine dust as well as the big chips from the jointer. The 5 micron bags did an excellant job of sifting out the fines.

I plan on making this a two stage collector by purchasing a "cyclone lid" attachment for a trash can. (This can separate out the large chips and save wear and tear on the fan.) I also will be installing 4" PVC sewer piping and blast gates in the future to make hooking into this DC easier. Please note that due to is size, this is a one-machine-at-a-time DC. Blast gates and short duct/pipe runs are a must.


All in all, I was happy with my purchase and would recommend Penn State's DC1-B to anyone who has a small basement or garage woodshop. Any larger and I would suggest the 1 1/2 to 2 hp version.



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