Delta 341-120 Disc Sander
by KC Constable

I've been waiting a couple months for one of these to make it's way to Woodcraft, and I picked it up last night. Took it out of the box in one piece. No assembly necessary. Even the sandpaper was already applied (which may be a problem, because that dude is on there). Table attached, little degree of tilt indicator thingy pointed correctly, and only the table was slathered with whatever it is they slather on there. The whole unit is solid. After about 90 seconds of wiping the table, I fired it up. Smooth and quiet. Hooked up the dust collector and it actually seems to work...very little dust escaped my initial testing. You 'fit and finish fanatics' may be disappointed in the quality of the cast table edges...kinda ragged looking. That doesn't matter to me, so the only thing I can find bad to say is that the mineral spirits I used to remove the UPC sticker on top of the motor also removed the paint.

Anybody that uses a disc sander a lot, and is used to putting up with a 'bouncy' old Craftsman (both of mine were) or smaller belt/disc combo should give this new Delta a look. Having recently assembled the Grizzly 9" disc/6" belt combo, I'm confident in saying that for $179 (probably cheaper elsewhere), you're not gonna beat the Delta if you don't need the belt...



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