Grizzly 1019 Bandsaw
by Bart Leetch

The LOML & I went to Grizzly in Bellingham, Washington yesterday and a G1019 band saw with 6" riser block & cool blocks & a 105" 3/4" 3 hook tooth to the inch blade followed us home. The trunk of the Lumina wasn't good enough it had to ride in the back seat. Actually boxed up it was just too big to fit in the trunk.

The packaging was real good there was no damage to the saw or stand. There was 2 bolts missing for the belt guard & 2 bolts missing out of the six for the trunion assembly. They are all the same size so I used the bolts from the belt guard for the trunnion & found some bolts that worked just fine for the belt guard.

The new extended guard that goes at the back by the riser block is probably the original, from before they re-designed the saw, it is wood with metal loops on each end for mounting. I had to do some re-manufacture with a file & chisel around where the new hinge screws fasten the blade cover doors on. It took about 15 minutes; (the original guard was plastic like most of the saws that Iíve seen of this size.)

I didnít install the fence; it isnít much of a fence. I plan to make a larger special table with a fence that is adjustable at both ends

The Grizzly Machine shop had to turn down the shaft that holds the top blade guides because of the latest re-design of the saw. They did this in about 20 minutes while I was shopping.

Other than that I spent a leisurely 5 hours putting it all together, wired for 220v & tuned it up, then just played around cutting some small scrap stuff up, this was at midnight.

Then on Friday morning I went out a grabbed a 8" X 25" Maple log off the pile,& cut off a 3 2Ē thick pieces the length of the log.

This saw is ĺ hp so the feed rate has to be adjusted accordingly. The blade from Grizzly seems to work ok but Iíll probably purchase a Timberwolf later on.

Well I took a break then cut up a 8 ĹĒ X 32Ē Madrona (nice spalting) the saw worked fine.

The Grizzly saw cost $396.92 out the door with riser block & extended blade guards & 3/4" blade I purchased it didn't come in the package but is included in what I paid. I think that this saw gives a lot of bang for the buck for someone having a home shop & wanting a saw to re-saw with.

Would I buy the G1019 Grizzly Bandsaw again? You betcha.



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