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Puzzles in Wood

Puzzles in Wood
by Edwin M. Wyatt

Bruce Publishing, 1983
Paperback, 64 pp.
ISBN 0-918036-09-7


     This is a reprint of the original 1940s edition that was sold until recently by Woodcraft Supply, but which may now be out of print. Please let us know if you find a source for this book.
    In it, Wyatt covers a number of simple woodworking projects that include classic puzzles and games as well as some originals. He covers a number of tiling puzzles, combination locks, sliding block puzzles, peg and disk puzzles, steamed wood puzzles, impossible objects, a very nice selection of interlocking burrs, the double dovetail joint, the impossible dovetail joint, the double lock dovetail joint, making wooden chains, and a nice selection of puzzle boxes and secret compartments.
    All the designs can be built with table saw, band saw and drill press and some handwork. The woodworking details are not extensive but there is plenty of information and excellent detail drawings to guide the hobbyist. There's a good discussion on tolarances and sizing. The book teaches cutting square stock on a bandsaw, mortising, accurate sawing, chiseling and mitering.
     This book is a famous classic in puzzle making circles where it is considered a "must" for any puzzle maker's library. It is also popular with general woodworkers, remaining in print for almost 60 years.

. . . Steve Strickland