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Wonders in Wood

Wonders in Wood
by Edwin M. Wyatt

Linden Publishing, 1997
Paperback, 76 pp.
ISBN 0-941936-40-6


     This is a reprint of the original 1946 edition that was sold for many years by Woodcraft Supply. The modern introduction is written by Allan Boardman, the famous micro-puzzle maker. This book was written in response to the immense popularity of Wyatt's earlier book, Puzzles In Wood.
    Wyatt covers a number of classic puzzles and games that can be built by the home hobbyist. He includes examples of tetrahedra, nested furniture, 3D jigsaws, tiling puzzles, marble solitaire games, sliding block puzzles, the double-double dovetail joint, the triple dovetail joint, some interlocking burr designs, nested solid spheres, impossible objects using steam bending, magic parlor tricks, build-up turned vases, marquetry, rope borders and the simple yet beautiful chip-carving technique.
    The designs are clearly illustrated and the information on each design is brief yet clearly presented. The details on woodworking technique are similarly brief while clear and easy to understand. There is some emphasis on hand tools but he includes projects using power tools as well.
    This book is a famous companion to "Puzzles In Wood". It demonstrates some interesting techniques not found in the regular woodworking books. The projects in it are quite clever, relatively simple, and make excellent mind-toys for kids and adults alike. It's popularity is demonstrated by nearly 60 years of remaining in print.

. . . Steve Strickland