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Care and Repair of Shop Machines

Care and Repair of Shop Machines
by John White

Taunton Press: 2002
Paperback, 202 pp., $19.95
ISBN 1-56158-424-X

     Engineers and machinists who build power tools know that their machines will need adjusting, and all power tools are designed with this reality in mind," White says. "The tune up techniques in each chapter aren't specific to any one machine, but in most cases will be adaptable to the power tools you use.
     White's chapter headings include the jointer, the tablesaw, the thickness planer, the drill press, the bandsaw, the router table and the miter saw. He also has a chapter covering tune up and maintenance tools, with advice on mechanical and measuring tools, commercial jigs and setup aids, as well as recommended materials for homemade setup jigs.
     The author first describes the basic anatomy of each tool and what to look for in terms of trouble shooting, and then covers general setup and mantenance guides. Each chapter carries drawings and text for making setup jigs such as a bandsaw blade-tension measure and a magnetic holding jig for setting the height of jointer knives.
     Well illustrated to show directly what the author is doing with these machines, the book makes possible a full shop upgrade. The first step to accuracy in machine setup is understanding how machines are supposed to work, and the second step is finding and remedying why one's own machines are less than accurate.
     The book is full color photography throughout, with a "Sources" list and a full index. A very helpful volume.

. . . Barb Siddiqui