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The Backyard Idea Book

The Backyard Idea Book
by Lee Ann White

Taunton Press: 2004
Paperback, 170 pp., 19.95
ISBN 1-56158-667-6

     Another full-color coffee table book of ideas, this Taunton release is page after page of enticing photos: dozens of deck space ideas, outdoor fireplaces under roofs and canopies, courtyards, pools and spas, studios and retreats.
     There are garden structures, cooking spaces, kids' play areas and specialty gardens, storage buildings, porches, porticos, and casual seating areas. There are also playhouses, greenhouses and potting sheds.The author discusses how to divide spaces, consider adequate lighting and protect yourself from weather changes.
     Sometimes all it takes is seeing how someone solved the problem of terracing a steep slope or dividing off space for children and adults, to know how you want your own living space to be arranged. These ideas cover many climates, and tight, compact spaces as well as luxurious landscapes.
     At the back of the book are full lists of architect and designer credits, plus a resource list for products and equipment, including company websites. This could be a dream book or a reference for designing your own projects, but it is a pleasure to sit down with, either way.

. . . Barb Siddiqui