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Furniture Mouldings

Furniture Mouldings
by E .J. Warne

Linden Publishing: 1991
Paperback, 140 pp., $16.95
ISBN 0-941936-33-3

     Originally published in 1923, this is a collection of black and white sectional drawings of English furniture moldings from 1574 to 1820. Several line drawings on a page are given in full size detail, with an illustration of the furniture piece itself, labeled to identify the location of each molding represented on the piece. If you don't know an architrave from a plinth, it is easy to visualize what goes where with Warne's labeling system.
     On a complicated library bookcase eight feet high and ten feet long, one page of line drawings shows the dimensions and design of a cornice, glazing bars for the glass doors, the bead detail of overlapping stiles, and complicated sub-base moldings. Several casework foot designs are shown, with patterns tracable for direct bandsawing. Cross-sections of bed posts show dimensions for tapering and geometric divisions for cutting accurate flutes. Carving patterns are shown for ornate moldings, and detailed sections are drawn out for glazing and puttying glass in cabinet doors.
     Because the molding details are all hand drawn full size, it would be easy to match router bits or shaper cutters to the patterns, or decide what portion of a multi-form bit would create the design. For anyone designing and building furniture, this book is a valuable resource of the historical use of moldings.

. . . Barb Siddiqui