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Carving For Kids

Carving For Kids
by Robin Edward Trudel

Linden Publishing: 2006
Paperback, 96 pp., $16.95
ISBN 1-933502-02-9

     Kids are usually eager to learn what we woodworkers are doing, but they tend to need some instant gratification for what they produce. Trudel offers up a volume here on not only simplified projects for young people, but on how to teach young people. He advises a project box for childrens' individual works in progress, step-by-step models made ahead of time, and photos of a subject to be carved. He introduces preferred woods, sanding sticks and rasps, stamping tools and a simple sharpening system.
     Everything is very basic here, with advice on instructing children anywhere from four years old into their teens. His experience shows on every page: "Kids between 9 and 12 are on their way to becoming young adults. For some of this age, the projects may be too much and for others they may be too simple. Be flexible. Pay attention to the students and be prepared to regroup."
     The projects progress from stamped backgrounds and stab cuts, to bugs, barretts, and spoons. Older kids' projects include a curious duck that sits on a shelf peering over, a three-dimensional bear, and a bearded face. All of these are clearly photographed step by step for easy instruction.
     Mr. Trudel is full of encouragement for keeping kids interested in what they are doing, so if you want to share a love of the craft, this is a very worthwhile way to do it.

. . . Barb Siddiqui