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The Toolbox Book

The Toolbox Book
by Jim Tolpin

Taunton Press, 1995
Paperback, 200 pp., $22.95
ISBN: 1-56158-092-9

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     Tolpin begins this colorful tour of toolboxes with a Jamestown ship box and a common carpenter's box from the late 1700's. He ends with a space shot of two astronauts working on the Hubble telescope, their aluminum tools tightly latched so as not to drift off into weightless space. "After all, a toolbox can carry into the future the honor of those people who have won their daily bread through the good works of their hands."
     This book is a delight. It is a 'you build it' how-to, as well as a gallery of show pieces. From simple shoulder totes and canvas tool rolls to free-standing cabinets worthy of gallery furniture display, Tolpin guides the reader through history in one section and efficiency in another, converting old standbys to new uses with adaptations for modern tool storage.
     French-fitted drawers, bow front cabinets, nesting modular units, rolling carts and a full van conversion are all described in useful detail. The author shows construction drawings for sliding tills and trays inside a traditional toolbox, and later shows a retractable axle system for an on-site, rolling work table.
     Photographed in color and black and white, with many clear construction diagrams, this is a volume you might bookmark so many places it will look like a bristling hedgehog. Look forward to lots of projects to improve your shop, with entertaining reading along the way. Fully indexed.

...Barb Siddiqui