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Projects For Your Shop

Projects For Your Shop
by Matthew Teague

Taunton Press: 2005
Paperback, 169 pp., $19.95
ISBN 1-56158-689-7

     A new title in Taunton's Getting Started in Woodworking series, this volume leads a beginner through basic tool selection, building a pair of sawhorses, and setting up workstations and storage units. Outfitting a shop is a good way to practice joinery and machine use, and as the author states, with shop projects "if you make mistakes, you're making them on a 2x4 or a few dollars' worth of plywood instead of that antique board from a tree felled at your grandfather's house."
     Teague discusses tools and materials. He builds several types of sawhorses step by step, constructs a sturdy bench with a drawer unit, and shows tablesaw upgrades such as a mobile workstation and a fold-down outfeed table. All through the instructions are skill-builder side bars: using a biscuit joiner, how to route free hand and how to cut rabbets, dadoes and grooves on the tablesaw.
     For each project, Teague first describes what will be learned and how to buy materials and supplies to get started. All these projects could be altered to suit individual needs, and the author enocurages a builder to think ahead for more storage or improved use of workstations. If you are just beginning to set up shop, this is a good book, and a good series, to learn from.

. . . Barb Siddiqui