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Working With Tablesaws

Working With Tablesaws

Taunton Press: 2005
Paperback, 154 pp., $17.95
ISBN 1-56158-749-4

     Taunton's New Best of Fine Woodworking series pulls together their best magazine articles on a common subject. This volume covers improvements on modern tablesaws, including dust collection and safety, machinery techniques, blade selection, jigs for crosscutting and shopmade accessories. The articles are not all basic; Machine Dovetails by Eye is presnted by Jeff Miller, and Joinery For Curved Work by Garrett Hack. Reproducing Your Project by Ken Picou covers repeatable production techniques, and Steve Latta discusses using templates to do pattern cutting on the tablesaw.
     Each article is well illustrated with colored drawings and excellent photography. A sidebar page shows a nasty tablesaw kickback in stop-frame sequence, stating, "In the blink of an eye, you have trouble." Lon Schleining knows it is coming, because he has set it up to happen, and he dodges flying debris admirably.
     One article illustrates the right and wrong procedures for cross cutting and ripping, for managing bowed stock, ripping bevels and for cutting raised panels. Another discusses tearout caused by tablesaw blades, and how to consider the order of cuts produced to eliminate it, and how to use tape, zero clearance inserts and scoring cuts to deal with it.
     Unless you know everything there is to know about tablesaw procedures, this is a worthwhile volume sharing a lot of expertise.

. . . Barb Siddiqui