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Interior Trim

Interior Trim
by William P. Spence

Sterling Publishing: 2004
paperback, 208 pp., $17.95
ISBN 0-8069-9297-2

     For all manner of interior trim work, Spence's new book is an excellent presentation on what is available, techniques of use and methods of installation. Stair skirt boards and scarf-jointed base boards, window casings, chair railings, and crown moldings are only some of the subjects covered. There are detailed explanations of the various tools used, as well as repairing miscut miters, shimming all kinds of trim and planning for electrical and heating considerations.
     Full color photos show finished examples of completed rooms, with discussion of trim selection as it effects color schemes. The author lists characteristics of both softwood and harwood trim as to their grain, hardness, paint holding ability and staining quality. He also shows a page of seventeen common American trim woods in flatsawn, quartersawn and end grain colorations.
     A wide selection of stock moldings are illustrated on three full pages, with an entire chapter on making your own moldings on the router table or shaper. He mentions tablesaw molding heads, but advises against using them, and for those doing a great deal of molding, he illustrates use of a planer/molder.
     One great advantage of this book is being able to see for example, how built up crown molding dominates a room and what it will look like when you are finished with the installation. Whether your next project is an all wood, walnut paneled library, or installing flat ceiling molding to a rental house, this book can guide you through the process and present many alternatives and fixes.

. . . Barb Siddiqui