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Small Woodworking Shops

Small Woodworking Shops
by eds. of Fine Woodworking

Taunton Press: 2004
Paperback, 154 pp., $24.95
ISBN 1-56158-750-8

     Years ago, Fine Woodworking Magazine pulled together bound collections of their best magazine articles to do with specific subjects, called the 'Fine Woodworking Onů' series. Then came full color collections from later issues, called 'The Best of Fine Woodworking....' and now we have 'The New Best of Fine Woodworking...' series.
     Three current titles in the series are: 'Designing Furniture,' 'Working With Routers,' and 'Small Woodworking Shops.' Even if you own every issue of the magazine, it is very nice to have this information collected at your fingertips and organized by subject matter.
     Small Woodworking Shops includes visits with Curtis Erpelding, Jan Carr, Chris Gochnour, Matthew Teague, and many other experienced woodworkers. Advice is given on essential tools, shop heating, lighting, putting down a wood floor, and an entire chapter is devoted to dust control, explaining shop-built solutions as well as commercial set ups.
     A chapter on shop accessories discusses best benches, vices, and the woodworker's apron. There are three articles on first aid and shop safety, and one on mobile bases. This book pulls together a lot of tried and true advice on efficient shop organization, and the new series will make a nice addition to any woodworker's library.

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