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House Transformed

House Transformed
by Matthew Schoenherr

Taunton Press: 2005
Hardback, 186 pp., $32.00
ISBN 1-56158-711-7

     A lot of people think they have to go house-hunting and change residences to finally acquire their ideal dream home. Architect Matthew Schoenherr has a different idea. With seven basic guidelines, he shows how nineteen different remodels transformed ugly duckling homes into show places. Each one begins with before and after photos, and a list of what the clients' highest priorities were for the remodel. Before and after floor plans and excellent photography shows what changes were made inside and out.
     Schoenherr's seven principles involve acknowledging the regional character of surrounding homes, responding to the property site, designing compatibly between new and old, designing for structural safety, selecting materials, and considering spatial needs for particular lifestyles and interests.
     Leafing through this book, it occurs to me it makes a great resource book for porch trim and window treatments, an idea book for combining living spaces and re-orienting traffic patterns, and it gives a fair representation of dozens of natural lighting schemes. If your woodworking is oriented toward construction, this coffee table book is worth a look.

. . . Barb Siddiqui