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Treasure Chests, The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes

Treasure Chests, The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes
by Lon Schleining

Taunton Press: 2001
Hardcover, 200 pp., $34.95
ISBN 1-5618-362-6

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     From ancient to modern, from bridal chests to toyboxes, this full-color gallery of chests is truly extraordinary. Not just a rehash of boxes already presented in other sources, this is a wide-ranging collection of chests of all types: a military chaplain's desk, campaign chests, ceremonial chests, steamer trunks and a tack box. Sea chests, blanket chests, tool chests, letter boxes, and one very unusual 'corpse preserver.'
     There are some beautiful pieces of hand-forged hardware, wooden locks and hinges, unique veneering tricks and unusual construction types presented. The text outlines the history of many of these 'finds', and describes the craftsmanship so evident in the modern constrtuctions.
     Also interesting are the entries on long-standing businesses dealing in chests, such as Lane Company of Altavista, Virginia, H. Gerstner & Sons of Cincinnati, Ohio, or the mass-produced shipping boxes of camphor wood from the 18th and 19th century China trade, now a sought-after collectible.
     This volume is a very fine, full-color 'coffee-table' book. The photography is stunning, and the written text enlightening...a real pleasure.

. . . Barb Siddiqui