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Building The Perfect Gazebo

Building The Perfect Gazebo
by David Schiff

Lark Books: 2004
Paperback, 160 pp., $17.95
ISBN 1-57990-342-8

     Beginning with a brief history of gazebos, and ending with full construction procedures for an octagonal masterpiece (with an upper tower and fold-down jump seats to enjoy the view), David Schiff has included guidance here on everything from choosing materials to embellishing the structure with unique design details.
     Examples of Greek Revival architecture, rustic Adirondac influences and Victorian styling are shown in many sizes and styles. The author discusses site selection and consideration of summer and winter sun patterns, as well as lumber grades, wood finishes and roofing materials. Footings and layout are discussed, along with the geometry necessary for building the projects. Construction details are complete enough for even a beginner to succeed. Sidebars in the text cover things like notching flooring around built-up posts and fitting the last tongue-and-groove floorboard. He even shows how to rout by eye for an inlay of a tiled turtle in the flooring.
     Stairs, railings, beams, brackets, plates and friezes are all covered. Custom made and stock materials are shown, with some interesting twists to railing fence designs. There is enough variety in the projects presented to help any builder construct a truly unique gazebo.

. . . Barb Siddiqui