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Complete Illustrated Guide to Jigs & Fixtures

Complete Illustrated Guide to Jigs & Fixtures
by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

Taunton Press: 2006
Hardcover, 264 pp., $39.95
ISBN 1-56158-770-2

     This is a cornucopia of woodworking aids. The author provides full discussion of many kinds of materials and functions of jigs to assist every process in the woodshop. He explains what tools are necessary to build them, how to stabilize the joinery and make templates for multiple uses, what fasteners and guide bars to consider, and how to glue them up. He shows different kinds of shop-built fences for cutting curves, angles and parallel cove cutting, sliding and pivoting jigs for the tablesaw, planer and router, and tilting tables, extension tables and power tool tables.
     There are fences and guides for hand held power tools, router jigs, shaper jigs and sawing and sanding aids. There are travel stops, indexing devices, and alignment devices. There are fixtures to hold parts, to aid assembly, and to bend or laminate wood. There are hold downs, cutter guards and jigs for dust control.
     I guess this is a 'must see to be believed' collection. It is well organized and indexed. The photos are clear and nicely sized. No matter what type of woodworking you do, you are bound to run into a procedure that would be completed more safely and efficiently with one of these jigs. This book is a keeper. If you don't need it now, you're sure to need it later.

. . . Barb Siddiqui